Perfect Sweaters

A good sweater is like an old friend.  Comfortable, soft, and has the perfect fit.  And I also love the weather that makes us all want to get cozy and wear a sweater.  I have a few favorites that always make me happy to wear.  There are also a few new additions to my collection that are dreamy!


Last year I bought cardigans very similar to this while I was pregnant with Oliver.  They are lightweight, open, and comfy with leggings or jeans.  They can be dressed up with a scarf or pretty necklace and boots.  Or it can be dressed down with a tank, jeans and flats. The options are endless. Last year I bought all the colors.  This year I want to get the Wine Heather and Black Marl.


Last month I purchased this sweater.  It reminds me of the Kent Cardigan by Madewell, but is a more budget friendly option. The color is so pretty.  I love pink.  But I have been going more minimalistic in my wardrobe and keeping it to basics that will go well together.  However, I feel like the Icelandic Mineral is a good neutral that will go with a lot I already have in my closet.


If you follow me on Instagram (@the_strawberrynest) you may have seen my story about the next sweater.  I order online with Old Navy.  It saves me time.  It saves me from having to take my kids in the store.  When I order online I can also pick up in store!  WINNING! On the day I ordered, my husband came home for lunch and told me to go by myself! He is a keeper.  So I ran to Old Navy to pick up my order.  And thought, oh I have a few minutes, I am going to try on the sweater I ordered (the one just above) and make sure the color is everything I hoped it would be. And then I saw this other sweater.  I knew I had put it in my cart, but couldn’t remember if I had taken it out.  So I tried it on and it was love.  So I bought it when I picked up my order.  My friends, I HAD ordered it as well!  So now I had two.  Luckily my sister loved it and took one off my hands so I didn’t have to make a return.  I love this sweater so much, I might get it in the oatmeal heather as well. Shhhh, don’t tell my husband!


Do you have a favorite sweater?  I am still on the hunt for cozy and warm.  Let me know!

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