Early Christmas Cards

I know, I know.  Halloween hasn’t hit yet and I have a post about Christmas Cards! You’re right I do.  Because once Halloween hits on Wednesday it is all down hill.  We are less than two months from Christmas already!


I have a secret.  I got my Christmas Cards the first week of September.  You heard that right.  I have been holding on to these pretty things for almost TWO months! We had family photos taken at the very beginning of September.  When I was ordering some prints from Persnickety Prints I saw that they had a coupon code for cards.  So I ordered.  It was perfect timing.  Family photos were done.  Cards at a discount. All a win!


I love how easy it is to upload my photos to the Persnickety Prints website.  Then I can create anything!  There are dozens of options for cards.  You can pick size, you have 4 paper options, you can have rounded or squared corners.  AND your order comes with lined envelopes that perfectly fit your cards. I also love that there is no mention of Persnickety on my cards.  They don’t put any logo anywhere.  The cards are all us and it is the best.  Persnickety happens to be close enough for me to drive to and pick up in the store. However, they offer FREE shipping on all orders over $39.


I got even more adventurous and ordered the CUTEST address stamp from 904 Custom. The stamp itself is a self-inking stamp that all you have to do is press down and voila! I love that our name is in a pretty cursive font while the address is print and easy to read! I used the stamp on the back flap of the envelopes.  Now I have to figure out the front addressing.  I am not the biggest fan of my handwriting.  I have a friend who teaches hand lettering and she has the best penmanship I have ever seen.  I think I need to just practice!

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