Favorites Friday

I can’t believe it is Friday!  I also cannot believe it is December.  The end of the year is almost here! How did 2018 go by so quickly? I do want to wish you a Happy Fri-YAY!

Today, I want to tell you about three of my favorite things from my favorite store. 

  1. T-Shirts are a staple in my closet.  I want to be more classy and up to fashion standards, however I have two little kids and I am still nursing.  T-shirts it is my friends.  These t-shirts happen to be my most comfortable, best fitting, most flattering. They are similar to the Madewell t-shirt, but are longer and at 2 for $14 you can’t beat the price. I have two black, two grey, two white and one of the red stripe shirts.  I love them that much. 
  2. I love having candles in my home.  They create such an intimate, cozy feeling.  It makes me think of the bed and breakfast we stayed in while we were in France.  The smell of this candle is so soft and warm I want to buy a million more.  It is great for fall through to spring.   The candle is also soy which burns clean and slower. 
  3. When I saw this bowl as I walked through Target I was in love.  It is the perfect serving bowl size.  The color is amazing.  I love that it is matte in finish.  I don’t have any other copper pieces, but I think I need more.  

Any of these would make perfect gifts as well!  I really do love shopping at Target… I have a friend who I will text and ask what she’s doing, usually we end up at Target after that. What are some of your favorite things from Target? 

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