French Toast With A Twist

Breakfast for dinner is a common thing at the Wells House. It is easy. Everyone loves it. Easy to clean up. Not a million dishes in the sink. My kind of meal.

One of our favorites is “Frenchies.” No, this was not named by our children. When my husband was younger he didn’t like French Toast so his mom updated them for him and it got the name “Frenchies.”

I had the way I made French Toast (it includes delicious flavored coffee creamer), Scott had “Frenchies” and we blended them together to make a delicious and easy meal. I will usually eat my typical French Toast, some of the kids are purists like me, some of them like them like Scott does. And it all just depends on the day. The basics are the same for each, only “Frenchies” adds a little bit more.

I realize this is not the same coffee creamer, but they were out of our normal stuff and we really wanted breakfast for dinner!

To get to the “Frenchie” stage I will make the French Toast as normal, but will then add a piece of cheese to the top (part that is already cooked) and let it melt a little bit, then I layer two slices of Black Forest Ham on top. Once the bottom is finished cooking I flip it over to give the ham a little heat and serve. Scott loves to top it with syrup for a sweet and savory combination.

Now you can try it for breakfast this weekend! Enjoy!

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