Summer Bucket List

Summer is in full swing at the Wells house. Last week the big kids went to their various camps while the little kids and I held down the fort. I even managed to do a makeover on a bookshelf! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

That being said we have a little bit of a bucket list to check off this summer. The big kids have a few little trips planned for their dad’s side of the family this month, but other than that we have a lot of full days planned.

  • St. George Trip
  • Summer Solstice Party
  • Pool Days
  • Strawberry Days Parade
  • Strawberry Days Rodeo
  • Shave Ice
  • I’m planning on a big day of shopping for Courtney’s 16th Birthday (I don’t feel old enough to have a 16 year old, but here we are)
  • Hike Stewart Falls
  • Guys Trip
  • Utah’s Hogle Zoo
  • Temple Square
  • Granny’s in Heber
  • 4th of July Party
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Ride the Moonlight Gondola at Sundance (Date with the hottest man I know.

Courtney’s birthday is in one month and I am so excited. We are throwing a big party for her while her dad is in the country (he lives far far away) and then the weekend after her birthday I am taking her on a SURPRISE trip to Seattle to go shopping downtown. When I turned 16 that was what my mom and I did for my birthday and it is my most favorite birthday to date. I want to create that for my daughters.

Do you have any fun things planned that you LOVE doing?

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