A Gourmet S’mores Bar

Photos by Elaine Farris

When I started planning for The Strawberry Nest Boutique I was unsure what to do for the food portion. I had ideas of having a food truck come, I had ideas of having someone provide their perfectly decorated cookies, and I thought about costs.

I am still in the very beginning of planning events. I am still a little unsure of myself. I was scared to reach out to a company and ask them to do something for free when I didn’t have numbers to back me up.

After brainstorming I had the idea to have a s’mores bar! I had a gas fire pit, a BEAUTIFUL table to put everything out on. I found a very cute menu for the bar on Etsy.

When the boutique had to be moved in doors and the rain started coming down hard I was crushed. And I wish I had a photo of what happened. This is where the husband of the year steps in again. He used the poles we had strung lights and banners to and a tarp to create a cover over the fire pit. We had umbrellas that people could use to get from the house to the fire pit and back.

S’mores were made with success! Everyone enjoyed the treats! I cannot wait to have another party to have delicious s’mores as dessert!

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