Behind the Scenes of an Event Planner

I was recently doing an interview for a YouTube Channel. And Lexi asked a question about what it is like to be an event planner…

It is not as glamorous as it sounds.

There is a lot of paperwork. There is a lot of moving parts that you have to keep moving in the right direction. There are budgets. There is using your own personal items to make the event look just right. It is making someone else’s ideas reality.

I am still new to planning events. I have done several “live” events for celebrities, I have put on my own boutique, I have been the right hand man at a ginormous party. I haven’t planned weddings (unless you count my own, but that was simple)….

However, all parties include the same elements, budget, decor, food, entertainment.

I love what Carly said in her blog post on her #1 tip for Party Planning. You can have it be fast, cheap or amazing… Pick two.

There you have it. It is not all the stuff you see when you attend a party, it is what is behind the stuff and making it happen.

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