Patriotic for Memorial Day

Where I live the celebrate Memorial Day differently than anywhere else I have lived. They use the day to celebrate anyone who has passed for any reason. I was raised that Memorial Day is to celebrate those who passed away in the service of their country. So I have had quite the time trying to change my perspective.

For me, Memorial Day is so patriotic! It is the beginning of all things Red, White and Blue for me! The last few years we have done a big breakfast at my in-laws and a BBQ on our own that evening. It has been perfect.

I love celebrating with pretty tables and food. The end. Food. That is what brings a party together… Blog post coming on that soon!

I am still in love with the table Scott built me last year, the top is old pallet boards. It is huge, we can seat 14 at it comfortably. I plan on setting it just the way you see in the photos. We are planning on inviting some friends over for dinner too!

It is super easy, red placemats, white plates, blue checked cloth napkins… I bought babies breath and put it in some pitchers… The flags are in small galvanized buckets.

Last but not least, I made that super cute scrappy flag last year! I love it. If you make one, send my a photo of it!!!!

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