Back 2 School Dinner

This year school looks so different. I wanted my kids to feel special going in to this year and make it so positive when there are so many negatives going on out there! I decorated using their school colors Blue & White. (These were my school colors in High School too. They aren’t attending my alma mater, I could only wish they are!)

First, we had a dinner. I made our favorite Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with cream sauce for dinner. Everyone eats it and no one complains. We sit and talk about our goals for the upcoming school year, our worries and how we can move past them. We also talk about family goals that we have for the school year.

For dessert I made another family favorite: Brownie Pie. I promise you will get to know more about that next month!

This year I came up with a theme:

This theme came to me when I was recording a Podcast with Melanie. And I knew it was our theme for the year. The kids loved it.

Because we have to wear masks to school it will be easier than ever to mask our feelings and fears. I don’t want my kids to feel they need to do that, I want them to mask their faces and that is all! We decided to have weekly check-ins to make sure we are living up to our theme.

After dinner, dessert, talking about our theme the children got Father’s Blessings from Scott. This always makes me cry. Such comforting words are spoken directly from our Heavenly Father to them.

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