Sweetie La Pie: Brownie Pie

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Last month when we had our Back to School Dinner I made our favorite pie for dessert! A couple years ago I discovered the recipe in the Magnolia Table cookbook. I knew as soon as I laid eyes on it that it would be delicious. And really, it is SO good. Full of chocolate, and my two favorites Brownies and Pie!

I do make a little adjustment to it, I don’t add nuts. None of us are really fans of nuts in our brownies. I love how the brownie batter is so creamy and rich. We do little slices because of how rich it is.

Sometimes we warm up our pie and do it a la mode, or with whipped cream (homemade of course).

The biggest time saver I have found in making pies: Pillsbury Pie Crusts. You guys, don’t spend time making one from scratch. Each year around the holidays I buy the 8 pack of crusts from Costco and keep them in my freezer. Everyone always asks me how I get such a flakey crust. I want to lie and tell them it’s a secret family recipe, but I don’t because I think everyone should make pies!

Do you have the Magnolia Table cookbooks? What is your favorite recipe to make?

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