All Things Breasts: Genetic Testing

Writing this post is emotional for me. In all honesty, I have mixed feelings about the results. They conflict each other and it doesn’t make any sense.

If you haven’t read the other posts about my journey: Start HERE, then go HERE.

It took some work on my part, and then I wanted to wait until July to get my genetic testing done. Our deductible resets July 1, so it didn’t make sense to get the genetic testing done until then since we were so close.

My insurance covered the cost of the test because of my family history. There was a small workaround, I paid for it since it was cheaper to do it that way and then was reimbursed. The day I got the letter approving the testing I found myself in my doctors office having my blood drawn.

Within a week the results were ready for me, but I couldn’t see them until my doctor reviewed them. So I called, and they told me they didn’t have them. I requested that the results be shared with me by the lab that did the test. I would have to wait a month.

I called back again and got the same response from my doctor. And a few weeks later called and explained that they would have to log in to the website for the lab and get my results. This was torture for me.

A few minutes later they called me back with the results.


You guys. This is so frustrating. I am now stuck waiting for my body to have cancer before I can do anything. I can’t be preventative in my health. While I know that I may not get cancer, the possibility is there for me. Especially with my mom, her mom and my grandma all having breast cancer.

You guys. This is so amazing. I know that I haven’t passed the BRCA gene down to my daughters! It isn’t a cancer sentence for them! I can hope that this means they can live life with less worry.

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