Our Story Part 6

It has been 5 years since I drove away from Seattle on Valentine’s morning in my car with a U-haul following me. Scott flew up on February 13, loaded the U-haul with all of my belongings. I filled the car up with the necessities, kids and dog.

At a random Chinese restaurant in Pendleton, Oregon

Early on Valentine’s Day I snuck out to the U-haul to put a gift for Scott on the drivers seat. Apparently he had done the same for me. And my kids. At that moment I knew he was going to be incredibly special. That whole day we drove, drove, drove. Somewhere in western Idaho the U-haul was done. One of the headlights busted. So I drove in front of Scott so that he wasn’t alone and could see somewhat. We made it to Burley and to the repair shop. However, they couldn’t fix the truck that evening.

We found a hotel that would let us keep the dog in the room with us and set up for the night. The next morning we were off with the truck on the last 4 hours of the drive. I don’t know why I thought we could do it all in one day! Again, I am grateful for Scott in this process. He had all of his best friends waiting at my new home to unload the truck!

I knew that living closer together would help us get the time in that we so desperately wanted in order for our relationship to grow. I knew that integrating Scott in to my little family would be important as we developed deeper feelings. I knew that I made the right choice for myself and my kids.

Farmhouse Valentine Button Garland

It is time for our monthly installment of Inspire My Creativity! The theme for this month is BUTTONS. It also happens to be Valentine’s Day tomorrow, so I combined my love (pun intended) for pink and more pink with the theme for February.

I created the cutest decor piece, a pink and hot pink button garland. It has a little bit of a farmhouse feel to it too. It was so easy to make. I love crafts, but I need them to be easy and quick with the way my life is right now.

Guess what else? I am giving one away to one of my lucky readers and followers on Instagram. So you can follow me here and enter!

If you want to make your own here is what you need (contains ad links):

  • hemp twine
  • pink buttons (or any color you want) (the buttons I purchased are no longer in stock the ones linked are similar)

I cut off a section of the hemp twine (it was pretty long, I tried to eyeball about how long for the amount of buttons.) and decided I would do an A,B pattern with my buttons. I had first thought I would just do whatever button I picked up, and then changed my mind.

The buttons I purchased had 4 holes in them. I would poke the hemp twine through one hole and then bring it down through the hole across from it.

I tried to keep about a thumbs width distance between each of the buttons. It wasn’t always perfect measurement, but that is the beauty of something handmade. It has slight imperfections.

You got to see a sneak peek at the garland in my Valentine’s Decor post a couple of weeks ago.

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you go enter my giveaway on Instagram! This post is part of the Inspire My Creativity link party that I co-host. Our theme for February is BUTTONS! The other co-hosts are sharing their projects today. I would love for you to see what they came up with!

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Next months theme is SPRING! I can’t wait to show you what I am doing next month!

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Using a Sleep Consultant

In December I was browsing Facebook. I belong to several “mom groups” there. It was then that I saw a post by Maylyn. She was doing her final project to become a certified sleep consultant and was looking for volunteers. I happily sent her an email! I was desperate! Oliver was an amazing sleeper from the beginning, however at 6 months that disappeared. I was waking up SO MANY times at night. My poor family. It was not a pretty process.

I am SO GLAD that I got to work with Maylyn. I learned a LOT. Once the holidays were over Maylyn and I spoke on the phone about Oliver and his sleep routine. The next day she sent over his Sleep Plan. I was VERY skeptical. I could totally do the morning nap (but wake him up?!) and what is this news about an afternoon nap? And the greatest surprise was the time to put him down for bed! You mean putting a baby down for the night at 6pm is acceptable?!

It was rough going for a few days. Oliver was a REALLY good morning napper. He would nap for hours and hours. But he was an awful afternoon napper. Rarely did he sleep longer than 45 minutes.

By waking him up from his morning nap and trying his afternoon nap earlier in the day I could see the change in his attitude. By putting him down earlier in the evening he was sleeping longer at night without waking! It was sleep magic!

We aren’t always perfect every day with his sleep, but that bedtime has become golden. We have a better routine down and I love it. I do miss the ability to go as much as I used to, but the trade is so worth it and it won’t last forever! We occasionally have had a night of awful sleeping but they are not always the norm.

I would like to tell you that if you are considering using a sleep consultant, then DO IT! You will not regret it. You will have more sleep. Your baby will be happier. You will be happier.

If you would like to work with Maylyn you can find her on Facebook! She was incredible. I feel like she and I became friends. She would text me each morning to see how the night before went and offer any tips or suggestions that she felt would help out. I love her.

Blended Family How To

When I asked on social media for things people wanted to see blog posts on, I was surprised by this request. People wanted to hear about our blended family. For me it isn’t the typical blended family. We are no Brady Bunch.

How are we a blended family? Both Scott and I were married before, got divorced (the same year, coincidentally) and found each other a few years after our first marriages were over. Scott didn’t have children, but he will tell you his dog is his first child. I had two children from my first marriage.

When Scott and I were dating he said that he had the idea that he may get remarried to someone with kids. I was happy to hear that! I come with two. Right after we got married I was ready to try for a baby of our own. And, thankfully, we were blessed with Claire, two and half years later Oliver joined us. While I don’t know about blending yours and mine, I know how to blend all of us.

What has worked for us:

  • Scott parents my older kids as if they are his own.
  • We all watch out for each other.
  • Courtney and Alex were able to pick out things for the new siblings before they were born.
  • Courtney and Alex each got to “meet” their newest sibling before anyone else.
  • We all work together on household duties.
  • Scott’s family welcomed Courtney and Alex as their own.
  • *We make sure that Courtney and Alex still have communication with their Father.
  • We don’t talk bad about the other’s previous spouse.

*Our situation is a little bit out of the ordinary because their dad lives out of the USA and they don’t get to see him very much.

I could have stopped the list after the first point. Scott is a parent to Courtney and Alex. He cheers them on, brags them up, teaches them kindly, and loves them with his whole heart. Without all that he does, we wouldn’t be able to make this work. But he is the one who holds it all together. I couldn’t have picked a better bonus parent for my children!

Stitch Fix: A Review

A few weeks ago I did Instagram Stories when I got my Stitch Fix box. I got some SUPER cute things in my box. I wanted to give a good honest review for you in case you haven’t tried. This was my first time with Stitch Fix, sometimes I am on the slow train to trendy things. I seriously just bought my first pair of booties.

When my Stitch Fix came it was super exciting. When I opened the box there was some paperwork. It had cute little cards with their recommendations on how to wear each piece they had picked out. It also came with a return bag to send anything back I didn’t want to keep. There was also a paper with a list of the items I got and how much each cost.

On to the fun part! The clothes. When I signed up for the box I was able to go through my fit and style. You can even add a personal note about things you do and don’t like. For example I wrote that I did not like crew neck tops. I like scoop neck or v-neck. I just feel claustrophobic in crew necks.

My box came. In it there was a white and black striped sweater with a cute patch at the elbows, a navy cardigan, a pair of boot cut jeans, a grey dolman sleeved sweater and a floral patterned silk top.

It is all SO CUTE. The black and white striped sweater had my heart from the moment I saw it. The cardigan was cute, but a little on the eh side for me. I loved everything about the jeans. And the grey sweater had amazing potential. The one that I was most wary of was the floral patterned top. I don’t have a ton of patterns in my closet. However, it is the top I liked the fit of the most.

  • The black and white striped sweater: I liked it. A lot. I seriously contemplated keeping it. But the price tag was not my favorite. I couldn’t justify the price.
  • The cardigan: too big in the sleeves and kind of did nothing for me.
  • The jeans: I loved the fit, I loved the cut. I did not love the length. They were even petite! This is my lot in life. I know that my taller friends are like, at least you can hem them! Yes, I could. But after the price tag and then having to pay to get them tailored… You get my drift. I could go to Madewell and get a pair of jeans and have them tailored for free.
  • The grey dolman sweater: This did absolutely nothing for me. It just looked like I had on a potato sack. It was soft, it was comfy. I just couldn’t move past the fact that I had wings.
  • The floral silk top: I LOVED the fit of this top. It was perfect. I felt so pretty in it. The fabric was something I was surprised that I couldn’t handle touching me. And the pattern just wasn’t me. If I could find that top in a solid color I would have gotten in and learned to love the fabric.

I did send everything back. I loved several of the pieces, but there was something that I didn’t love. And that is OK. I have heard as you work with the stylist your boxes become better and better. I can’t wait to see what my next box has inside. I signed up to get one box every quarter rather than each month. April is my next scheduled “Fix.”

Have you tried Stitch Fix? If you haven’t and would like to use THIS link to get $25 in Stitch Fix credit.

Daily Deal Shopping

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a new daily deals site and I am hooked! Sassy Steals has the greatest new deals each day. I love going to see what is new and finding things for my home.

So far I have ordered 3 really fun things. First I bought a bracelet with little white charms and birdies with initials on them. I bought the cutest Valentine’s sign (it says XOXO) and a fun toothpaste tube squeezer for the kids’ bathroom. It is so hard not to buy it all!

If you were to shop what would you buy from today’s deals?

Farmhouse Valentine Decor

Did anyone else feel like January was the longest month of their life? The only month longer in my opinion is the last month of pregnancy.

I was SO excited to get my Valentines Decor up. I love PINK. All things pink make me happy. I wish I could tell you where all of my decor is from and link it for you. Most of it comes from the Target Dollar Spot. Some of it I have made. And other random pieces I picked up at Hobby Lobby, Joann’s or Michael’s. I just hope that it can inspire your Valentine’s Decor!