a few of my favorite things

Let me go back to like 2013. I was introduced to Sexy Modest. I even went to their boutique when I moved to Utah in 2014. But between 2014 and summer 2019 a lot changed. This last summer I was re-introduced to Sexy Modest by my friend Carli. She had been wearing the CUTEST shirts. … Continue reading a few of my favorite things

Oops! I did it Again

On Saturday I was amazed. My business partner (more coming I promise) threw one of her incredible dance parties. It was themed "Britney Spears" I made it to the venue by 3:30 on Saturday afternoon and got started setting up a few last minute things, cleaning up, and making sure the vendors were in the … Continue reading Oops! I did it Again

Pinners Conference: A Speaking Event

Do you know what Pinners Conference is? Have you ever been to Pinners? If you answered yes, you don't really need to read this part where I explain it... Pinners is a fun conference/expo/craft fair/classes. You can shop all the fun boutiques, handmade items, art, decor, clothing... You get the idea. Then there are classes … Continue reading Pinners Conference: A Speaking Event

5 Years of LOVE

For the last year I have done a series on Our Story. It has been amazing. I love hearing other's love stories, I love watching relationships grow, I love LOVE. Today is special. 5 years ago this very day Scott and I were married. 4 years ago we were sealed as a family for eternity. … Continue reading 5 Years of LOVE

Halloween Recap

I know. Here I am talking about last Thursday while the rest of the world is starting to put up Christmas decor... But, I can't really write about it until it HAPPENS. The first of the festivities was a Halloween party put on by my friend (and business partner) Chelsey. Everyone dressed up in fun … Continue reading Halloween Recap

Disneyland Must Haves

Two weeks ago I was getting ready to take my family to Disneyland! I have gone once before with my older kids when they were 8.5 and 11. A different experience for sure. I want to share what I took with us to the park each day and what we actually needed. I tend to … Continue reading Disneyland Must Haves

Making Your Home Cozy

One thing I love about this time of year is feeling super cozy in my home. I love to have the fireplace going, candles burning and the lights dimmed. I put blankets on all the couches and chairs and pull out more pillows. I love candles. They make your space more intimate and give off … Continue reading Making Your Home Cozy