Sweetie La Pie: Freezer Pumpkin Pie

When it comes to cooking do you have a dish that you are just known for? I do. And it is Thanksgiving dinner. Scott makes fun of the way I prepare the turkey, but he is always praising how good it tastes. If it works, it works. However, I am here to share with you … Continue reading Sweetie La Pie: Freezer Pumpkin Pie

Making Thanksgiving Special

This year we all need a little extra. It has been quite the year and any type of normal is going to boost our spirits! I know we are going all out to keep with tradition. Setting The Table I love to have my table set and pretty for a holiday. And this is no … Continue reading Making Thanksgiving Special

She’s Baaaaaack!

You guys! Hi. Testing. Testing. Testing. Is this thing on? Oh hey!!!! There you are. And here I am. I have been gone for a very long time. I have missed you. In October Melanie and I were super busy working at the corn maze (Glen Ray's Corn Maze) handling all of their themed event … Continue reading She’s Baaaaaack!

The Importance of Traditions

As a little girl we didn’t have a ton of traditions surrounding holidays or special days. But the few traditions we did have are etched on my heart and in my mind. Our traditions were simple, easy and always there.  One of my favorite traditions was birthdays; when it was your birthday you got to … Continue reading The Importance of Traditions

Moving To Two Different Places

**This Is A Sponsored Post** Currently my mom is moving. I detest moving. I have done a ton of moving and it is not enjoyable. The best thing about my mom moving is she is moving to our home! In the next year we will be adding on to our home and creating a mother-in-law … Continue reading Moving To Two Different Places

I Stopped Washing My Hair: {part 3}My Routine

Before you read this post: start at the beginning HERE, and my second post on it HERE. In case you didn't know. I don't love to wash my hair. And I learned that it is actually good for you! You guys, save time and have better hair! I call that winning at life. In my … Continue reading I Stopped Washing My Hair: {part 3}My Routine

Halloween Party: Games

Is Halloween cancelled this year? As I write this it is the beginning of September. An arctic storm has rolled in and we have some snow falling. I am not surprised 2020. I see you trying to get our attention. If trick or treating is cancelled and there isn't anything in the norm for you … Continue reading Halloween Party: Games

All Things Breasts: Genetic Testing

Writing this post is emotional for me. In all honesty, I have mixed feelings about the results. They conflict each other and it doesn't make any sense. If you haven't read the other posts about my journey: Start HERE, then go HERE. It took some work on my part, and then I wanted to wait … Continue reading All Things Breasts: Genetic Testing

Blogilates: 28 Day Summer Sculpt

Back at the end of July I decided to start the 28 Day Summer Sculpt Challenge by Blogilates. That was after I met her and had the opportunity to workout with her personally. Holy moly it was a good workout. I didn't want to share this photo because it is most unflattering of me. But … Continue reading Blogilates: 28 Day Summer Sculpt

Neutral Farmhouse Fall Decor

I have said this before and I will say it again. I love decorating for fall with neutral colors. That way it isn't in my face, but it is there. I have had my house decorated for fall for about a month. Channeling the cooler weather vibes for sure! It hasn't happened as much as … Continue reading Neutral Farmhouse Fall Decor