Claire’s Birth Story

Claire is my third, my sassy, my crazy, my little BFF. She is Scott's first baby. When I was deciding if marrying Scott is what I REALLY wanted, I had to decide if I wanted to have more children. About 3 months after Scott and I got married we found out we were expecting a … Continue reading Claire’s Birth Story

Our Engagement Story

5 years ago, tomorrow, Scott asked me to build a life with him. He had taken so much time and set this up that I would be so sad if I didn't share it. If you haven't read my "Our Story" posts you should do that first. You can find them here, here, here, here, … Continue reading Our Engagement Story

Family Themed Costume Ideas

For as many years as I have had kids I have wanted to do a family theme costume. Also for as many years, I have never had a family theme costume. I don't count that as failure, I count it as an exhausted mom who got her kids the costumes they wanted. I have seen … Continue reading Family Themed Costume Ideas

Halloween Bucketlist

It is OCTOBER! Let the festivities begin! Last year was busy for us with all the parties, costumes and fun to be had. I want to share some of the things on our bucket list. My kids last year at the pumpkin patch. Look how tiny they all were! I will just be over here … Continue reading Halloween Bucketlist

Understated Farmhouse Halloween

I used to go ALL out for Halloween decorations. Give me all the orange and black was my motto. I would hold a big Halloween party for my kids and friends. Once I got divorced that stopped. I wasn't earning enough money to host a party like that. In fact, I needed to get rid … Continue reading Understated Farmhouse Halloween

Small Farmhouse Pantry: What We Used

While we were figuring out what to use in the pantry for the shelves we had hundreds of ideas. None of them were great. As Scott and I walked up and down the lumber aisles of Home Depot we saw them. These beautiful pine pieces of wood with round edges. Come to find out they … Continue reading Small Farmhouse Pantry: What We Used

Weight Loss Journey Update

I was still emotionally eating up until this summer. I was gaining weight. Once Oliver was weaned and school was out for the summer, I started waking up early and taking walks. I didn't see much difference, except I felt better, I knew I was burning more calories... But my clothes were still fitting the … Continue reading Weight Loss Journey Update