School’s Out For The Summer

I mean, my kids haven't set foot in a school in over 2 months. But now, I don't have to teach! A lot of our summer plans have also had to be adjusted. There are no fun church camps happening. The big kids will go visit their dad in July. Courtney is only going for … Continue reading School’s Out For The Summer

When It Falls Apart

I feel like this last month has been one of complete falling apart. Yep. I am about to get real vulnerable over here. First, I had a mammogram on May 6th. Everything seemed fine. That was my first one. I have a family history of breast cancer. My mom had it 10 years ago and … Continue reading When It Falls Apart

Memorial Day Menu

You guys! It's almost summer!!!! Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you. For me Memorial Day means summer. Even if it is a month until the ACTUAL first day of summer. School gets out here right around Memorial … Continue reading Memorial Day Menu

A Look at 37 Years

You guys! Today I am 37! Wow. I remember when my mom was 37. Here are a few things I have learned over the last 37 years that I always want to remember. Love is going to solve a lot of problems. Your body is freaking amazing, treat it that way. You will survive being … Continue reading A Look at 37 Years

Patriotic for Memorial Day

Where I live the celebrate Memorial Day differently than anywhere else I have lived. They use the day to celebrate anyone who has passed for any reason. I was raised that Memorial Day is to celebrate those who passed away in the service of their country. So I have had quite the time trying to … Continue reading Patriotic for Memorial Day

The Party Collab: EXPO Updates

Today was the big day! The EXPO was here! And then. COVID-19 Today was supposed to be the greatest event I have put on to date. However, I am SUPER grateful that Melanie and I have more time to invest and plan the EXPO to make it even more memorable, more innovative and more amazing. … Continue reading The Party Collab: EXPO Updates

Podcast Drop: The Party Collab

As part of our efforts to diversify The Party Collab: WE STARTED A PODCAST!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? In our podcast we are talking about the event industry, interviewing different vendors of events from DJs to Videographers to those planning events. Melanie and I bring our own set of skills and thoughts on the party … Continue reading Podcast Drop: The Party Collab