5 Years of LOVE

For the last year I have done a series on Our Story. It has been amazing. I love hearing other's love stories, I love watching relationships grow, I love LOVE. Today is special. 5 years ago this very day Scott and I were married. 4 years ago we were sealed as a family for eternity. … Continue reading 5 Years of LOVE

Halloween Recap

I know. Here I am talking about last Thursday while the rest of the world is starting to put up Christmas decor... But, I can't really write about it until it HAPPENS. The first of the festivities was a Halloween party put on by my friend (and business partner) Chelsey. Everyone dressed up in fun … Continue reading Halloween Recap

Disneyland Must Haves

Two weeks ago I was getting ready to take my family to Disneyland! I have gone once before with my older kids when they were 8.5 and 11. A different experience for sure. I want to share what I took with us to the park each day and what we actually needed. I tend to … Continue reading Disneyland Must Haves

Making Your Home Cozy

One thing I love about this time of year is feeling super cozy in my home. I love to have the fireplace going, candles burning and the lights dimmed. I put blankets on all the couches and chairs and pull out more pillows. I love candles. They make your space more intimate and give off … Continue reading Making Your Home Cozy

Packing a Family for Disneyland

One thing I have learned as a mom is that going on vacation requires a lot of planning. The next thing I learned is that Mom's take care of packing themselves and the kids. Luckily for me, my teenagers have learned to pack themselves. And also luckily they are grown up enough to know not … Continue reading Packing a Family for Disneyland

Hair Goals Update

In the last two months, I have kept using Monat products. I love the way my hair feels. I wash my hair every 5th day. I have my hair trained so I don't even need to use dry shampoo! Now that colder, dryer weather is here I am starting to add a new hydrating shampoo … Continue reading Hair Goals Update

Road Trip Essentials

Last week we packed our car and headed south! My big kids were meeting their dad in Disneyland, so Scott and I decided to take the little kids to Disneyland. It is a bout a 10 hour drive from our house to Anaheim, CA... I know. It sounds like torture. Especially because Oliver is not … Continue reading Road Trip Essentials