Auto Insurance Tips Part 2

Last Wednesday Scott was in a car accident. I already had planned on doing another Insurance Tips blog post today. So, really it helped me out on deciding what tips to share.

Everyone is ok, thankfully. Cars get damaged, but they are things. People are the most important part. Scott was in his work vehicle. At a stop light. His light turned green so he started through the intersection. However a car ran their red light on a busy road that most are going around 50 mph on. Scott and I are both grateful the impact happened when it did. A second earlier or later and someone was getting t-boned. She had 3 kids in the backseat and someone in the passenger seat. Scott was by himself in his vehicle. Thankfully there was a highway patrolman who was stopped at the same light and saw the whole thing. The kids are ok, the drivers are ok and the other passenger is ok. Scott ended up hitting the rear quarter panel of her car, the tire is now bent backward. Scott’s bumper got ripped off of the front. The hood is smashed up and the headlight is broken. Let me tell you some things that you may not know about insurance.

  1. Personal Injury Protection (PIP): this is a coverage you buy for YOURSELF. Some states require it (like Utah) and some states it is optional. The minimum you can have is $3,000 (per person) in coverage. This a no fault coverage, it will not affect your premiums if you file a claim for it. It is for anyone in or on your car at the time of an accident. It will even cover you as a pedestrian that gets hit by a vehicle. We carry $100,000 in PIP on our policy.
  2. Car Seats: The lady who ran the red light had a toddler in a car seat. I went to her and hugged her because she was so shook up. I let her know I was an insurance agent. I said, when you file this claim and talk with your insurance company you need to tell them you need a NEW car seat. If you are in an accident and have kids in car seats the insurance company WILL give you money to purchase the same car seat brand new. Once in an accident a car seat is compromised. It is no longer safe. You don’t know the kind of pressure that was put on the plastic, on the safety foam or on the straps that keep your child safe. You need a new car seat. Period. Request that you get money to replace your car seat. You will get the cost of purchasing the same car seat new. So if you have a Chicco NextFit Zip, you will get money to purchase a Chicco NextFit Zip. You will not get money to purchase a new more expensive car seat. Insurance is to put you in the same position you were in before the loss.
  3. Rental Car Coverage: This is a coverage that is not for when you rent a car. Insurance won’t reimburse you the cost of your rental on vacation. Sorry. A lot of people think that is what it is for. It is to cover the cost of your rental car while your vehicle is being repaired from an accident. If you are not at fault, the person who is at fault’s insurance will provide you a rental car. If you are at fault in an accident and do not have this coverage on your policy, you will have to cover your own rental car.

I am a licensed insurance agent in the state of Utah. Please speak to your specific insurance agent or company if you have further questions. Insurance is state specific.

Happy Birthday Scott

The title says it all! Today we are celebrating Scott’s birthday! I have a few ideas on how we are going to celebrate, I just have to see how the day goes!

I feel so blessed to be Scott’s wife. He is the best human I know. Here are 39 reasons I think will show why he is the best.

  1. Scott is kind. With his job he has to do some hard things and he always treats everyone with a kindness that is unparalleled.
  2. Scott is competitive. He loves a good competition with himself, with others and in life. Tomorrow he is even playing in a tournament.
  3. Scott is a family guy. He is the youngest of 7! He loves to be close to his family and all of his friends have become his family.
  4. Scott loves the outdoors. Anytime we can hike he is up for it. The mountains are always calling his name. Hiking might just be part of the birthday plans!
  5. Scott is a hard worker. Anything Scott wants to do he puts is all in to it. And I mean his ALL. He researches, he thinks it through, he develops and he executes.
  6. Scott is funny. He has the best jokes and one liners. I laugh A LOT. He can imitate any voice and it makes everyone giggle.
  7. Scott is caring. He cares deeply for those who are part of his heart. He will go to the ends of the earth.
  8. Scott is giving. Scott gives his free time. Scott gives his talents. Scott lends a hand whenever possible.
  9. Scott is hopeful. He always sees things from a positive perspective! I am trying to be more like him.
  10. Scott is an amazing father. Having children of his own was Scott’s greatest goal in life. Becoming a dad was the best day of his life. He plays with his kids. When he comes home they are his priority.
  11. Scott is loyal. Once you are his friend you are ALWAYS his friend. He will never give up on you.
  12. Scott is a handyman. It is true. He has done all of the projects on the house. Framing in the basement, drywall, tiling, the fireplace, the mudroom, building shelves, custom drawers. You name he and he can do it.
  13. Scott is strong. He is a support. He is someone to lean on. I know I do. We have had our set of trials over the course of our relationship and he is always there.
  14. Scott is happy. He has this feeling of happiness around him. Happiness follows him.
  15. Scott is ambitious. He has plans and is going to achieve them!
  16. Scott is trustworthy. I have had trust issues due to past relationships. With Scott those were never an issue in our relationship.
  17. Scott is fair. The best way to describe this is: pretend he is splitting a cookie with you. Scott will cut the cookie in half and then let you pick which half you want. He wants it to be fair for everyone.
  18. Scott is nostalgic. He still has his baseball t-shirts from high school.
  19. Scott is
  20. Scott is the best friend. All of his friends know that they can call on Scott and he will be there to help out.
  21. Scott is responsible. He makes sure all of the important things are taken care of first.
  22. Scott is playful. He always wants to have a good time and will make sure everyone has a good time.
  23. Scott is intelligent. He knows so much! I have learned a ton from him.
  24. Scott is grateful. Scott always says thank you for even the smallest things. Being appreciated feels good.
  25. Scott is patient. I know I am not that easy to deal with, but he does it so easily. (or maybe he is just incredibly patient!)
  26. Scott is generous. He wants to give and share and serve.
  27. Scott is respectful. I see the way he treats everyone he comes in contact with and the best way to describe it is respect.
  28. Scott is optimistic. He is always looking for the silver lining.
  29. Scott is brave. He was willing to date someone with kids. He is willing each day to be a father to children that are not biologically his, and he treats them as his OWN.
  30. Scott is a dreamer. He has the best plans and examines them from all angles. Making each dream come true is his life’s mission.
  31. Scott is romantic. He remembers little dates. He holds my hand as much as possible.
  32. Scott is loving. He always lets me know how much he loves me. He shows me. He tells me.
  33. Scott is incredibly good looking. I mean, he looks like Chris Harrison.
  34. Scott is sweet. He leaves me little love notes. I find them in my luggage when I am traveling.
  35. Scott is tender. He caters to me. He tries to make me as comfortable as possible.
  36. Scott is passionate. He has his core values and holds them so true in his life.
  37. Scott is well-rounded. As much as he loves to play sports and compete he is willing to go to a musical or art show with me.
  38. Scott is selfless. He is always giving up what he wants to do in order to spend time with me or our children and give me a break.
  39. Scott is an incredible husband. He gives me everything he can and is always striving to make my dreams come true. He meets me half way. He compromises. He is my best friend.

I know, I know. I am blessed. And I am grateful for everything in my life that Scott is a part of. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Currently LISTENING To

I am fairly new to the podcast scene. I mean, I had listened to a few podcast episodes, and even followed Modern Photo Solutions podcast. But there was this whole world of podcasts I had NO idea about before.

It started back in November when the Cold podcast started. I was interested in this particular one because I am from Washington. I had some geographical ties to the podcast. I even had some first hand experiences with the case. No, I didn’t know the Powells. However, I had seen the explosion. If you know the story you know what explosion I am talking about.

The next podcast I added to my list was Serial. I had heard about it and wanted something to fill my time between the Cold releases. The first season is about a murder in Maryland. The second season is about Bo Bergdahl. I haven’t gotten in to the third season as much. The season one topic has kind of made its way into my brain and I have started listening to Undisclosed to keep up on the happenings of the case.

I just downloaded The Drop Out. I heard about it from another blogger and I am excited to listen but scared at the same time. If you have listened to it, tell me your thoughts!

One day I was with my son Alex driving to an eye appointment when we found The Weirdest Things I Learned This Week podcast. It is by some writers at Popular Science magazine. We have learned a lot of random, weird and funny things from them! We love it.

My sweet friend Nichole introduced me to The Joyful Soul Project podcast. I listen to it while I am on the elliptical at the gym. It is SO empowering and enlightening. I love it.

Another fun one I am listening to is Cultivate a Good Life by Becky Higgins and Becky Proudfit. Such a good uplifting thing to listen to.

I know I have a weird mix of what I am listening to, but I listen to them all at different times and for different reasons. Also, are any of you going to the Cold Podcast thing in May? I kind of want to go. Maybe we could go together?

Preschool Reading Program

This is a sponsored post by 4 Weeks to Read. All thoughts are my own.

Claire is three and a half! In the fall she is starting preschool. I can’t even begin to believe it! Such a bittersweet feeling. A little bit of freedom for both of us. It also comes with the longing for her to stay little just a bit longer. At the end of May she has her little testing for pre-school at our local elementary school. I want her to be as prepared as possible!

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you

I had heard about a reading program and was very intrigued with it. It is called 4 Weeks to Read. I have a friend (hi Juliana!) who has kids that attend the preschool this was developed in and she loves the curriculum! I was so excited to hear her actual results.

We are starting the program today and I think it will be so fun. I have organized the flash cards, got the songs on my phone and I am excited to see where Claire goes with this! I will be sharing some of our progress as we do it over on Instagram. So follow me there! I will also do an update once we have finished the program in 4 weeks.

Update: Hair Goals

Back in January I had a post about some Hair Goals I had. I have been following a lot of what I said in that post with some updates. I am so excited to share those changes with you!

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you
  • Air Dry: I am not air drying my hair as often. I am still washing my hair every third day, but on that day I am air drying it. It was taking all day and into the night for my hair to fully dry. The decision was made that I was still going three days between drying.
  • Washing less: Like I said above, I am still washing every third day. My hair doesn’t get oily at all. I don’t need to use dry shampoo at all! It is amazing. By day three I NEED to wash my hair.
  • Products: Argan Oil (ad link)on my ends after I wash it. I will also use this if the ends are feeling dry at night. That lets it soak in while I sleep and moisturize it. Heat Protectant: (ad link) I may not use a hair dryer as much, but I still put a protectant on my hair for when I do use heat. STILL THE SAME PRODUCTS!
  • Silk Pillow Case: (ad link) I have been using a satin or silk pillow case for 20 years. It is so good for your hair because your hair doesn’t get caught in it and have more tangles. Both of my girls use silk pillow cases too. I STILL LOVE THIS PILLOWCASE!

A few things I have added to my routine:

  • Pureology Strength Cure Split End Treatment: I got this back in December and I wanted to give it a go for longer than it had been when I wrote my first post. I put this on my hair in the mornings when I wash my hair. I have seen a big improvement in the split ends. I got the tiny travel/trial size back in December and still have at least half of it. I just use one pump when I use it.
  • Amika Scalp Cleansing Oil: GAME CHANGER. I have known about Amika products for a while. When I saw this I knew I needed to try it out. When I use this oil I can go one more day before I need to wash my hair. I also have a friend with psoriasis on her scalp that started using this and she can definitely tell a difference!
  • Alterna Bond Repair Overnight Serum: I heard about this serum from another beauty blogger and decided to try it. I use it the night before I am going to wash my hair. It is a bond repair serum that helps keep hair from breaking and smooths the hair cuticles.
  • Living Proof Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate: I use this in the mornings when I was my hair as well. It is a heat protectant and claims to help hair dry faster with the blow dryer. I have noticed my hair is smoother! It smells divine.

All in all my hair is growing out. I am still dealing with the baby hairs growing back in after having Oliver. My hair isn’t breaking as much. I know that this will take time. I look forward to getting my hair trimmed in a few months to start getting it all one length and getting more and more healthy.

Spring Break Bucketlist

Spring Break is next week for our kids and we are super excited. We aren’t going anywhere, but I am hoping that the kids will love the adventure of the home bound spring break. I am sharing our Bucket List with you!

  1. Take it easy: Hang out at home and enjoy family time. We are always going so many directions at our house that having a day set aside to just be together was at the top of the list. Everyone loves days like this. We stay in our comfy clothes and have Dippy Dinner and watch fun movies together.
  2. The Planetarium: This is a fun place for us to go as a family. First, there is no cost to go inside and have fun. You do have to pay for a movie if you want to see one. Everyone enjoys this place. There are so many exhibits that are hands on.
  3. Temple Square: We try to get up here more as the weather is getting nicer. Alex loves to play Pokemon Go! because there are so many stops. We enjoy all of the visitor centers, the tabernacle (amazing acoustics) and eating at the mall across the street.
  4. Museums at BYU: All of them are free. The paleontology museum is a big hit with my kids (even my teens). I love the art museum, the kids don’t love it as much. The Bean Museum has a fun play place plus all of the cool animals!
  5. Pool Time: There is an indoor city pool that we love going to in the winters. It has a waterfall and rock climbing, plus a lazy river which is perfect for Oliver! They have the coolest kids play area too.
  6. Movie Time: We always try to get in at least one movie each spring break. I am not sure what movie we will see, the schedule isn’t out yet. I keep hoping to get to How To Train Your Dragon with Claire.

What are you doing for spring break? Do you enjoy travelling, or doing a stay-cation?

My Weekly Face Mask Routine

When I posted this photo on Instagram on Monday I asked people what their favorite skin care product was. SO many said masks are their favorite. I understand why. Masks are fun. Masks are easy to try out. Masks give you a deep clean. Masks give you a glow. And this week would not be complete if I didn’t share my favorite masks and my routine for them.

  1. Do you know how to make your mask most effective? To make a mask more effective you need to scrub the dead skin cells off. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Buffing Grains by Bobbi Brown. They are SO gentle. You add them to your existing face wash to get an amazing scrub. I have had this bottle since September and use it at least 4 times a week and you can see how much I still have left.
  2. I bought the Ginger Leaf and Hibiscus Firming Mask from Kiehl’s last year as part of a bundle around Mother’s Day. It is an overnight mask. So once I wash and exfoliate my face, I put my serum, face oil, eye cream on and then the mask on top of it all. Then in the morning I wash it off with my morning routine.
  3. When I want to get a really good deep clean in my pores I use the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask. Just like I said, I will clean and exfoliate my skin then apply the mask. After I wash off the mask I will tone my skin and finish up my skin care routine.
  4. Last, but not least I LOVE using the Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Mask. This one is another one you don’t take off. So I will again, clean and exfoliate my skin and do the rest of my routine except for putting on a moisturizer. I put this mask on SUPER thick. After ten minutes I rub the excess in that hasn’t absorbed and go to bed.

I try to do the Origins mask and the Burt’s Bees mask together. I will use them about 2 times a week. And then I will use the Ginger Leaf mask a couple of times a week. It really just depends on how my skin is and if I feel like it needs something more.

Do you have a favorite mask? I would love to know what you love!