Join The Party Collab Expo

If you are following The Party Collab on Instagram you may have seen us posting about the EXPO that we are putting together in May. Melanie and I didn't really talk about when we would start selling tickets. But one of our followers asked when tickets were on sale. So, I got to work the … Continue reading Join The Party Collab Expo

Celebrating 55 Years Together

A few weeks ago we celebrated my in-laws 55th wedding anniversary! It was a complete surprise for them. My sister and brother-in-law planned the whole thing. I wish I could be able to take credit for this! But it was great. It was a simple party. Dinner included all of my sibling-in-laws, and a few … Continue reading Celebrating 55 Years Together

Best Baked Potato

Who doesn't like a delicious baked potato? I love them. They are SO good. I haven't loved the way they taste at home. At a restaurant they have this crispy skin, salt and all of the goodness. I don't even remember where I read about making a crispy skinned baked potato, but I knew I … Continue reading Best Baked Potato

Making Swag Bags for an Event

When there is an event and tickets are purchased I love getting a swag bag. It feel like a thank you for paying and thank you for coming. When I hosted Galentine's last week I wanted the ladies who came to feel loved, appreciated and to go home with something that they loved. Nichole helped … Continue reading Making Swag Bags for an Event

Happy LOVE Day

Every time I look at this photo (which is A LOT since it is the lock screen on my phone) I smile. I love this moment that Elaine captured. Photo by: Elaine Farris Photography Happy Valentines Day! I love this day each year. Getting to celebrate something so amazing and so special is the best. … Continue reading Happy LOVE Day

What I Learned

When I wrote the Goals Masterclass I was floored with how quickly all of the inspiration came to the paper. Photo: Elaine Farris Photography This class is so good. I have loved having my group of women to talk to each week, to cheer on and to get vulnerable with. I learned you can give everything … Continue reading What I Learned

EXPO Applications are OPEN

Do you remember my post a few weeks ago about my next BIG event? If not, you can read about it here. I am happy to share that registration is open. Melanie and I have several different types of vendors that we would like at the Expo. I will list them below with a link … Continue reading EXPO Applications are OPEN