Pardon Me

My friends! I wrote out my December content plan last month. And then I didn't move forward. I have not kept my goal for myself this year. I want to apologize to you. I have really tried to be consistent. I haven't. I am sorry. I have tried to focus my content. I haven't been … Continue reading Pardon Me


Expressing my thanks sometimes feels weird for me. I am not always good at "words of affirmation." Today of all days I would be so sad if I didn't express my gratitude here on the blog. My Family. As much as I complain, I am so grateful that I have this little (or big by … Continue reading Thankful

My Second LIVE Event

You guys. I feel like I am living in a dream. My dreams are coming true each day! A couple of weeks ago I was the event coordinator for my second live event. You can read all about my first one here. This one was amazing to get to do the entire start to finish … Continue reading My Second LIVE Event

Holidays: Balance

Growing up we didn't really live close to family. This may include an extra kid and be missing a kid... On our way to Disneyland Alex drop with my mom and Courtney and her friend rode with us! My dad's parents lived in Arkansas and my mom's lived in Pennsylvania. Our holidays were spent at … Continue reading Holidays: Balance

a few of my favorite things

Let me go back to like 2013. I was introduced to Sexy Modest. I even went to their boutique when I moved to Utah in 2014. But between 2014 and summer 2019 a lot changed. This last summer I was re-introduced to Sexy Modest by my friend Carli. She had been wearing the CUTEST shirts. … Continue reading a few of my favorite things

Oops! I did it Again

On Saturday I was amazed. My business partner (more coming I promise) threw one of her incredible dance parties. It was themed "Britney Spears" I made it to the venue by 3:30 on Saturday afternoon and got started setting up a few last minute things, cleaning up, and making sure the vendors were in the … Continue reading Oops! I did it Again

Pinners Conference: A Speaking Event

Do you know what Pinners Conference is? Have you ever been to Pinners? If you answered yes, you don't really need to read this part where I explain it... Pinners is a fun conference/expo/craft fair/classes. You can shop all the fun boutiques, handmade items, art, decor, clothing... You get the idea. Then there are classes … Continue reading Pinners Conference: A Speaking Event