Packing a Family for Disneyland

One thing I have learned as a mom is that going on vacation requires a lot of planning. The next thing I learned is that Mom's take care of packing themselves and the kids. Luckily for me, my teenagers have learned to pack themselves. And also luckily they are grown up enough to know not … Continue reading Packing a Family for Disneyland

Hair Goals Update

In the last two months, I have kept using Monat products. I love the way my hair feels. I wash my hair every 5th day. I have my hair trained so I don't even need to use dry shampoo! Now that colder, dryer weather is here I am starting to add a new hydrating shampoo … Continue reading Hair Goals Update

Road Trip Essentials

Last week we packed our car and headed south! My big kids were meeting their dad in Disneyland, so Scott and I decided to take the little kids to Disneyland. It is a bout a 10 hour drive from our house to Anaheim, CA... I know. It sounds like torture. Especially because Oliver is not … Continue reading Road Trip Essentials

Event Planning: A Live Event

A few weeks ago Chelsey of Chelsey Curtis was hired by Jordan Page to plan her live event. As Chelsey and I have worked together on the Page Summer Soiree it made sense for both of us to work on this live event together as well. As far as events go, this one was so … Continue reading Event Planning: A Live Event

Claire’s Birth Story

Claire is my third, my sassy, my crazy, my little BFF. She is Scott's first baby. When I was deciding if marrying Scott is what I REALLY wanted, I had to decide if I wanted to have more children. About 3 months after Scott and I got married we found out we were expecting a … Continue reading Claire’s Birth Story

Our Engagement Story

5 years ago, tomorrow, Scott asked me to build a life with him. He had taken so much time and set this up that I would be so sad if I didn't share it. If you haven't read my "Our Story" posts you should do that first. You can find them here, here, here, here, … Continue reading Our Engagement Story

Family Themed Costume Ideas

For as many years as I have had kids I have wanted to do a family theme costume. Also for as many years, I have never had a family theme costume. I don't count that as failure, I count it as an exhausted mom who got her kids the costumes they wanted. I have seen … Continue reading Family Themed Costume Ideas