Back 2 School Dinner

This year school looks so different. I wanted my kids to feel special going in to this year and make it so positive when there are so many negatives going on out there! I decorated using their school colors Blue & White. (These were my school colors in High School too. They aren't attending my … Continue reading Back 2 School Dinner

All Things Breasts: The Ultrasound

Read All Things Breasts: The Mammogram FIRST It was a crazy Monday morning... If you are following along with this story, let me give some background for this day. I have another mini-series "I Stopped Washing My Hair" that began at the same time. Sunday was Mother's Day. My scalp started having problems (read about … Continue reading All Things Breasts: The Ultrasound

I Stopped Washing My Hair {Part 2} Products

If you haven't read Part 1 of this series, I suggest you go back and start there! I had my follow up visit at the dermatologist and he gave me a clean bill of health! My scalp is producing oils and I am having to work hard to go longer than a week without washing … Continue reading I Stopped Washing My Hair {Part 2} Products

Sweetie La Pie: Banana Cream Pie

When trying to pick this month's PIE I was stumped. Peaches are coming in to season. It's hot so we would want a cool pie. No one wants to bake a thing. I wanted to do a peach pie. Except my friend Catherine makes the BEST PEACH PIE KNOWN TO MANKIND. And peaches aren't really … Continue reading Sweetie La Pie: Banana Cream Pie

Applications Open: Winterfest

I am SO EXCITED!!!!! Can you guess why? WINTERFEST! What is Winterfest - you might be asking yourself. I am hosting an incredible boutique with Pualei (we run ELEVATE together) for Small Business Saturday! It is going to be just like something out of Gilmore Girls in Stars Hollow. The downtown park, lots of local … Continue reading Applications Open: Winterfest

Hosting A Retreat MUST HAVES

As I planned a retreat last month I came across some things that I felt were so useful, fun and a little unexpected that made the retreat excellent. (This retreat was back in January) Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no … Continue reading Hosting A Retreat MUST HAVES

Quarantine Reading List

I might be a little late to the show on "things to do during quarantine"... I decided that maybe, just maybe someone out there is looking for a list of books to add to their reading list. I keep a running list in my planner. I add to it. I cross off the books I … Continue reading Quarantine Reading List

I Stopped Washing my Hair {part 1}

Gasp! What? Gross! I have been trying to go longer between washes for a while. I used to be one who would at least get my hair wet and condition every single day. I finally stopped doing that in November 2018. I got myself a shower cap and was going 2 days between washing. And … Continue reading I Stopped Washing my Hair {part 1}

Sweetie La Pie: French Silk Pie

I am so excited to introduce you to my newest series! Sweetie La Pie! A small back story. I get teary every time I think of this. A few weeks ago Scott and I were driving around and a memory entered my mind. The nickname my Grandma called me. I think it was a night … Continue reading Sweetie La Pie: French Silk Pie

Camping 101: Lessons Learned

It has been a fun filled summer for our family! Before COVID-19 hit we were planning a big camping trip for spring break. We purchased a new tent, air mattress, sleeping bags. We had all of the things. And we didn't get to go. As things opened back up I thought we should do something … Continue reading Camping 101: Lessons Learned