Virtual Yoga

A few weeks ago I got a little "namaste" with my friends doing virtual yoga. I really loved it. I have realized that I need people in my life daily. I am such an extrovert. Putting together this virtual workout was so much fun for me. I loved each of the women who joined in. … Continue reading Virtual Yoga

Behind the Scenes of an Event Planner

I was recently doing an interview for a YouTube Channel. And Lexi asked a question about what it is like to be an event planner... It is not as glamorous as it sounds. There is a lot of paperwork. There is a lot of moving parts that you have to keep moving in the right … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of an Event Planner

Party Inspiration

School is "ending" for us here next month, summer starts and so does all the outside fun! I love hosting parties in my backyard with my friends, neighbors and for my kids. I wanted to share some things that I am hoping to incorporate in to my parties (they are happening, you hear that universe?!) … Continue reading Party Inspiration

Party in a Box

Remember how I have talked about The Party Collab EXPO? It was supposed to be May 12th. We have a "stay safe, stay home" order in place until April 30th. Melanie and I didn't feel like we could keep the date for the expo with all that is unknown with the social distancing. We knew … Continue reading Party in a Box

Celebrating Birthdays in Quarantine

Last week we celebrated not one, but TWO birthdays at our home. It was a little weird. It was really hard not to host the parties for all the people. I haven't talked a ton about Scott's birthday... but it was a big one. Milestone for sure. I was planning this whole shindig. It was … Continue reading Celebrating Birthdays in Quarantine

Oh Twodles

And just like that a year has gone by. Oliver will be TWO on Saturday. I had plans for the FUNNEST birthday party. Right now he is all about Mickey Mouse and he was going to have an "Oh TWODLES" birthday party will all the fixings, hot digity dog bar, mouse ears, giant signs and … Continue reading Oh Twodles

Documenting COVID-19

I like to document/storytell/scrapbook/journal. Whatever you want to call it. When the Corona Virus became a very real reality for the US, I thought about documenting it. And then I thought back to 9/11. I have a few journal entries from that time in history, but not a lot. I was just 18 and didn't … Continue reading Documenting COVID-19