Making St. Paddy’s Day Special

As I have started this series, I am loving it! It is inspiring me to be so much more creative with my family. I can't wait to do a few of these things! Leprechaun Shenanigans: I think this year Claire will get a kick out of this. I have seen where people dye milk green, … Continue reading Making St. Paddy’s Day Special

ELEVATE: Women’s Business Networking

Connecting with other women is a passion of mine. It lights my soul on fire. Seeing people create together brings so much joy! There was a time before my divorce that I could walk in to a room and not know a soul and be totally confident. Once I was divorced I lost a lot … Continue reading ELEVATE: Women’s Business Networking

Ladies Night Out: Get Lucky

Any time I read, say, type the words "get lucky" I think of that Daft Punk song.... Do you? We are one week away from the LADIES CRAFT NIGHT!!!! I cannot wait to meet up with everyone who is coming. Plus we will be making some cute crafts, and that is always a bonus in … Continue reading Ladies Night Out: Get Lucky

Why Leap Year is the BEST!

When I was younger my dad would say to me that on leap year girls can propose to boys. And that made leap year romantic to me. It doesn't hurt that the extra day comes in the month of love. Leap Year 2020 is the best leap year yet. Do you know why? I know, … Continue reading Why Leap Year is the BEST!

DIY Rainbow Garlands

As I was scrolling through Pinterest... A pin caught my eye. It was one of those that has video in it. I always get stuck watching them. Mesmerized by whatever is being created, cakes, hairstyles, crafts, food... As long as it is in time-lapse... Oh boy. What I saw was the sweetest rainbow tassel, pom-pom … Continue reading DIY Rainbow Garlands

Join The Party Collab Expo

If you are following The Party Collab on Instagram you may have seen us posting about the EXPO that we are putting together in May. Melanie and I didn't really talk about when we would start selling tickets. But one of our followers asked when tickets were on sale. So, I got to work the … Continue reading Join The Party Collab Expo

Celebrating 55 Years Together

A few weeks ago we celebrated my in-laws 55th wedding anniversary! It was a complete surprise for them. My sister and brother-in-law planned the whole thing. I wish I could be able to take credit for this! But it was great. It was a simple party. Dinner included all of my sibling-in-laws, and a few … Continue reading Celebrating 55 Years Together