Disneyland: Planning a Trip

In July we were planning a trip to DISNEYLAND! I have only been once in my whole life. 5 years ago. And already everything has changed. What worked then won't work now. We have an AirBnB scheduled so we can have space for the kids to play, to make food and not feeling like we … Continue reading Disneyland: Planning a Trip

Fall Decor Finds

Each year I get my decor more streamlined to cross holidays and seasons with ease. I like to have neutral decor that flows with my home and is soft and adds to the look, but doesn't stand out too much. I have always, like forever since it started, loved the Target Dollar Spot. The last … Continue reading Fall Decor Finds

Planning A Holiday Boutique

I just finished my second event that I have personally planned. It feels so good to plan and execute events. So, that is why I am already planning a Holiday Boutique! Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash I LOVE the holidays. I love the food, the excitement, the shopping, the decor and spending time with others. … Continue reading Planning A Holiday Boutique

Back 2 Business Set-Up

A few weeks ago was my Back 2 Business event. It went AMAZING. I know that everyone learned something new to implement in to their business and I can't wait to see where they go! Setting up for the event was HOT. So HOT. It was humid the sun was blazing. The warehouse we held … Continue reading Back 2 Business Set-Up

Favorites Friday: One Sweet Festival

Last week I was able to attend the One Sweet Festival. It was amazing! All the dessert in one place, SIGN ME UP! I thought I would share what my favorite desserts were from the night. So without further adieu: Pop N Dot: Scott tried the Baby Shark and I had the Spongebob. I loved … Continue reading Favorites Friday: One Sweet Festival

Small Farmhouse Pantry Reveal

One Saturday last month I knew I needed to do a pantry clean. You know, the kind that you pull everything out, throw away anything expired, wipe the shelves... The whole 9 yards. School was starting and I wanted to get my pantry back to functional for kids to make school lunches, find snacks... All … Continue reading Small Farmhouse Pantry Reveal

Preschool: My Feelings

Can we talk about how fast kids grow up? Claire will be 4 next month. This has gone by so fast. We are so blessed to have someone in our neighborhood who does a preschool two days a week. Mrs. Heidi is hard to get in to. I got Claire on the list when I … Continue reading Preschool: My Feelings